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            Welcome to Shenzhen Suntrap Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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            Company news

            Xingtai U disk factory teach you formatted U disk failure of the four solutions

            Time:2017-12-26 Views:139
            Formatted U disk when the prompt can not be completed, when this happens do not panic, here you learn Xingtai U disk factory provides the following four solutions:
            Solution One:
            1, the mouse click on the "Start" menu - "Run" - Then enter in the input box: cmd-format f: / fs: fat32 (here enter f: drive letter where this is not fully specified may be h , It may be other, can open the "My Computer" view)
            2, and then open the system "Control Panel" - "Administrative Tools" - "Computer Management" - "Disk Management", and then find the USB drive where the letter and then right click - to delete the disk partition (this option is gray, can not be selected) "Create a new disk partition" - we can format your USB flash drive just by following the operating prompts to complete the partition.
            Solution two:
            Use Usboot software can not solve the problem of formatting U disk, Usboot tools we can go to Baidu search, very common, easy to search. After downloading, run the software (provided that the USB flash drive must be inserted into the USB port of the computer) and then format it with the HDD. During the operation, you need to pull out the USB flash drive and then insert the USB flash drive until the boot disk is completed Production, then we can double-click drive letter, it will prompt whether you need to format, click "Yes", ha ha, finally you can see the format window, then select "FAT" format, the operation is complete, U Disk can be used normally, and the U disk capacity has not changed, there are problems this excellent friend may wish to try this approach, of course, U disk can not be formatted for many reasons, as long as the chip is not the U disk itself is broken There will always be a solution to the problem.
            Solution three:
            This solution is relatively troublesome Oh, we can ask with the U disk manufacturers a production tool corresponding to the U disk chip or directly to the Internet to search for a download, using mass production tools to format! First, we open the U disk, will Found that the chip reads "CBM2091", then we search the Internet "CBM2091", and then find "CBM2090CBM2091 mass production tools," downloaded to the local, and then run the software can detect U disk, and then set the flash drive inside the " Scan mode "set to low-level scan, and check the need to format with the need to aging, to determine the future of all selected start, then the software began to scan - formatted U disk, when you can see the flash U disk lights, then You can determine the repair is no problem slightly!
            The company is located in:
            Solution four:
            (This program seems to have a high success rate, many of my friends are resolved through this program, we can try)
            First of all, to prepare a suitable size of the "ghost" file or DIY site to do a suffix for the ghos file line, the specific size of the file just think it is appropriate ?? ?? Twenty trillion! Next, we use ghost forcing to the U disk Restore data, which is ghost inside "disk" - "from-image"! But you encounter u disk can not format, you can look at the above four programs, you can quickly solve the U disk can not be formatted or format failed The problem.
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