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            Welcome to Shenzhen Suntrap Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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            Ivy Xiao / Vice General Manager
            TEL: 0755-28795977
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            Address:301, B Building, Fengmenao village Industrial plant, Gangtou Bantian Street, Longgang District Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

            Company news

            Xingtai U disk manufacturers teach you how to use safe U disk

            Time:2017-12-26 Views:133
            With the increasing use of U disk, many of my friends often reflect their U disk problems, the following Xingtai U disk manufacturers to introduce several safe to use U disk method.
                   1, U root directory does not store files, including exe, com, bat extended life program files, do not store Autorun.inf file. Develop good habits will be working documents on the secondary folder, the general virus will not be infected. If your U root directory without end Autorun.inf files and other programs you do not know, Xingtai U disk manufacturers can determine your U disk poisoning.
              2, turn off the auto-play function of the drive. U disk virus is the use of Windows Autoplay with Autorun.inf boot infection. Here Xingtai source U disk manufacturers to introduce you to a simple and easy to use gadget "usbkill.exe" running in the bottom right of the screen in the toolbar there is a small icon like a magnifying glass. Double-click the small icon to display the main interface, and then select "Disable all storage devices automatically" and "Start automatically with Windows". Usbkill can help you to remove all Autorun.inf and the virus files known to this tool. Every time you insert a USB drive, please note that there is no usbkill pop-up automatically, while it said it found a suspicious virus, you can choose to "remove the virus & system repair" for processing. Xingtai U disk manufacturers
                 3, do not use U disk habitual double-click into it. If your U disk has a virus, but has not been antivirus software to remove, double-click the action you can activate the virus. You can right click the U disk, choose "open" to enter, safe into the U disk, if you can see the suspicious files (U root directory is not your file) then you can delete it directly.